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Executive Board
June TBD


Laurel Salerno-White

Nancy Dunn
Vice President

Janet Renfrow

Stacie Ryan
Corresponding Secretary

Laurie Thompson
Recording Secretary

Members at Large
Jim Bastian (jbastian@hotmail.com)
Stephanie Chou
Audrey Jacques
Katie Molina
Dan Pozzesi
Carol Toland
Jamie VanWart
Kathy Wiegand



2015-16 Tentative Agreement Wins Ratification

Dear F-SUTA Member:

The tentative contract agreement for 2015-16 has been ratified by certificated employees, with 118 voting in favor. Three voted against it.  Below are links are the documents that have been ratified.

Wishing you all a very happy and productive summer hiatus!!!

Laurel Salerno-White, F-SUTA President


Mary and Peter Rosenfield

Mary and Peter Rosenfield are joined by a puppet as they speak at the F-SUTA Retirement and Awards Dinner May 25 at Rancho Solano. The kindergarten teachers at Sheldon Academy of Innovative Learning are retiring.

Loree Nichols-Marr was among the retiring teachers honored at the F-SUTA dinner.

Loree Nichols-Marr of K.I. Jones Elementary School was among the retiring teachers honored at the F-SUTA dinner.

Jack Marino of Rodriguez High