Workshop to cover student loan forgiveness

Learn about student loan forgiveness and getting your financial life in order by attending a workshop sponsored by the California Teachers Association and Cordelia Regional Resource Center. You must be a FSUTA member in order to attend.

“Generation Debt: Student Loan Forgiveness” will be 4:30-6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1 at 4751 Central Way in Fairfield. A light dinner will be served. The RSVP deadline is Tuesday, April 24. To reserve a spot, contact Chrissy Lyons at 864-0305 or clyons@cta.org.

If you have Stafford or Perkins loans and teach in a “high needs school” or “teacher shortage area,” you may be eligible for a portion of student loan forgiveness. If you have consolidated your student loans, you may not be eligible for forgiveness. That will be discussed during the workshop.

Volunteer for Evaluation training, then get paid

Your site needs a volunteer to attend two hours of paid training in May for the Bilateral Evaluation program, which will include forms and contract language. Once trained, he or she will present training with administrators next year.

The Bilateral Evaluation Committee also needs a volunteer to assist in planning the training. He or she will be paid for two to three planning meetings and two hours of training.

If you are interested in either to these opportunities, contact Bilateral Evaluation chairperson Christina Kling at cmkling76@att.net.

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