President’s Report / Nancy Dunn

It’s a May Miracle!  We have a Tentative Agreement for the 2018-2019 contract . Thursday was one busy day,.  We went from impasse in the morning to Stephanie Cobb, FSUTA’s Bargaining Chair, signing a Tentative Agreement during the Governing Board meeting that evening. The agreement received unanimous approval by the Executive Board.  Now it is your turn to vote for the ratification before the end of the school year.

As you recall, FSUTA’s approached compensation differently this year.  Rather than asking for a straight percentage on all rates and schedules, we wanted to be sure ALL our members would receive an ongoing salary increase to cover their union dues in 2018-19 and into the future.

To do that, we needed to negotiate a flat amount added to each cell on the salary schedule and then apply the equivalent percentage to the remaining rates and schedules (stipends, degrees, permit teachers, adult hourly, etc.) This flat rate was necessary to ensure our members at the beginning of the salary schedule received enough of an increase to cover local, state and federal dues.  And it happened!

Every cell on the salary schedule will increase by $1,400 beginning in 2018-19.  Our current dues are approximately $1,100 per year, so  $1,400 will cover any potential dues increases for years to come.  Other rates and schedules will increase by 1.57 percent.

A complete copy of the Tentative Agreement will be delivered to all Site Representatives on Tuesday and  posted on www.FSUTA.org the same day. Any questions you might have about the Tentative Agreement will be answered during a General Membership meeting at 4 p.m. Friday at the CTA office,  4751 Central Way.  I also encourage you to contact me or other Executive Board members with any questions.  After Friday, a copy of the presentation given at the General Membership meeting will be posted on www.FSUTA.org.

Voting to ratify the contract will be held on Tuesday June 5 at Rodriguez High School, Wednesday, June 6 at Crystal Middle School, and Thursday, June 7 at Rolling Hills Elementary School.  Chose the most convenient location and bring a photo ID.  Voting will be 3:30-5 p.m. each day.

While we are celebrating, a big congratulation goes out to Matt Garcia College and Career Academy for being chosen by California Casualty Insurance, a CTA-endorsed benefit provider, to receive the prize of new jerseys for its sports teams.  Thank you, California Casualty, for supporting our schools.

With YOUR participation and commitment to grow our membership, the hard work of our Bargaining and Organizing teams and the Executive Board’s determination to set tough timelines and push forward, we have settled two contracts in one school year and will start a new school year with a current contract in place for the first time in a very long time.

What a year it has been.

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