Bargaining update / Sept. 25 / Stephanie Cobb

Your association and the district met on Sept. 20-21.  The previous week,  there was a study session regarding Special Education.  District administrators gave high praise to the programs we are currently using (Learning Center and Co-Teaching).  Board members felt the programs are successful.  We spent a huge chuck of our first morning talking about the Special Education Task Force.  We agreed there will be a committee of equal numbers of teachers and administrators that will review the various programs and give directions on what’s best for our students.

Stephanie Cobb

It is important that your voice is heard about what’s best for all of our students.  Whether you are a general education teacher, you have special education students with greater needs in your class.  If you’re a special education teacher, you also have been servicing more students with greater needs in your class, learning center, and/or co-teaching classrooms.   If you would like to be a part of this committee, please contact Nancy Dunn.

We started the discussion on Article 21.  Both sides are working collaboratively to find common interests so we can reach an agreement on this article.  (Interest Based Bargaining)  We have started the conversation and will continue it at our next bargaining session. 

We will be meeting with PSA, Matt Garcia and Early College teachers and principals to talk about their program.  F-SUTA has requested that since some of these schools have made little to no language change, we move them onto contract language. 

We have reviewed the Workload Transition MOU.  Both sides are in agreement with most of the MOU.  Our biggest sticking point is adjunct duty.  F-SUTA wants to eliminate or reduced the amount of adjunct time, while the district wants it to remain at 16 hours.  (Please note: it has not been at 16 hours since 2008.) Teachers spend lots of time out of their duty day preparing lesson plans, grading papers and communicating with parents.  F-SUTA believes that we should not be working for free.

Good news – the district has completed the audit on Middle School Sports/Extended Day Activities.  Unit members were paid incorrectly in 2015-16 and 2016-17.  The district has identified the members.  Those members should be receiving a check for the amount owed to them in their paychecks next month. 

Katie Molina and I have received the third draft of the contract.  We are hopeful that all the errors will be corrected so you can have the latest contract available to you. 

I have received numerous emails regarding various issues, so I want to remind you that the bargaining team follows the directions of the F-SUTA Executive Board.  Contact your board member and let them know how you feel on these issues.  I do pass on your concerns, but it would be good for you to notify them as well.

Thank you to all who continue to show Unity by wearing orange on Tuesday.  Send your pictures to fsutaprez@gmail.com or fsutaoffice@gmail.com.  It might get posted on our web site or Twitter.


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