Our 28 Site Teachers of the Year shared their thoughts about their careers, the schools where they work and education for the presentation at the Governing Board meeting on Feb. 8. Here is what a few shared:

Ted Foreman

Ted Foreman, Music Release: Her 15-year career as a professional trombonist took Ted to 48 states, Europe and Asia. He played in blockbuster musicals such as “Les Miserables” and “The Lion King,” as well as for acclaimed singers such as Luciano Pavarotti. His journey as a musician came to a abrupt end, however. when he was diagnosed with a muscular condition that makes it impossible for him to perform. Instead of playing, he now shares his love of music with students in what he described as a precious opportunity.

Loretta Garcia, Adult School: An internship in Migrant Education at Sacramento State was all Loretta needed to realize she had found her calling. Her proudest moment as a counselor was when her father walked across the stage at the Adult School’s graduation ceremony after earning his GED. As she said, “He, like many of my students I see, give hope and inspiration to me by working to achieve their goals and make not only a difference in their lives and their families’ lives, but also in their communities.”

Michael Kelly, Dover: Do you want to know why Mike became a teacher after trying his luck in sales, going back to college and graduating from the University of Northern Colorado? Here it is in his own words. “Being a child who made the lives of many teachers difficult, I always thought how interesting it would be to go back and try to influence and inspire the kids who had the same difficulties learning in school as I did.” It would be safe to say he has done just that at Dover.

John Molumby, Armijo: John will never forget the time he patted a student’s father on the shoulder and dust rose from the man’s jacket. The man explained that he had been working in the fields and did not have time to clean up before coming to Back to School Night. The encounter rekindled John’s memories of his childhood in Ireland and his father coming home wet and dusty after a day of labor. John shared that with the student’s father and recalled that they both were in tears by the end of the conversation.

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